Getting Started with ASO

** Please note that we have recently updated the UI navigation across all of our products, and we are in the process of updating video tutorial assets as well.  Though the following video does not show our latest UI, we hope you will find good value in its presentation of general concepts and organization of the product.  Stay tuned for updates. **

ASO 101 and Sensor Tower Platform Overview

Welcome to Sensor Tower's training webinar, now on-demand!  ASO stands for App Store Optimization, and also represents one of the major modules of Sensor Tower's App Store Intelligence product.  In this webinar you will:

Learn best practices for iOS and Android optimization
Establish a basic workflow to get the most out of your ASO efforts
Easily navigate Sensor Tower's platform features

We've tonnes of tips and tricks about ASO and app marketing in our  blog, check out our best tips!

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