What features are Enterprise-only?


The App Intelligence platform offers a range of different features, based on your licensing level.

Enterprise Licensing is the most comprehensive licensing package and offers a collection of features that are not available with other packages.

You can confirm your licensing level by inspecting the Sensor Tower logo at the upper left of your screen:

If you do NOT have Enterprise Licensing, you will NOT see the 'enterprise' label, and you also notice a special section of the UI that helps you learn more about these powerful features:

App Profiles Module (Enterprise-only features)

Below is a list of Enterprise-only features.  

  • Export CSV - Export to CSV the complete history of reviews Sensor Tower has captured for a given app
  • Internationalization - Analyze an app's localization of title, description, keywords, and screenshots
  • Review Analysis - Understand user needs, feedback, and sentiment using advanced language processing
  • App Update Timeline - Track changes made to title, icon, description, screenshots, and keywords in competing apps' updates & marketing strategy

Sales Metrics Module

  • (No Enterprise-only features at this time)

App Store Optimization Module (Enterprise-only features)

  • Unlimited keyword tracking limit
  • Predictive Rank - determine the likelihood that your app will rank in the top 10 search results for a specific keyword

Feature Counts Comparison

In addition to Enterprise-only features, some features are limited by quantity depending on the licensing level as shown in the table below:

Feature vs. Licensing Free Pro Business Enterprise
Keywords 5 80 400 Unlimited
Apps 1 5 20 Unlimited
Competitors 1 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Suggested Keywords 2 50 Unlimited Unlimited

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