What is the Featuring Impact Score?

The "Impact Score" is a proprietary metric created to weigh the relative visibility and reach of a given feature on the app stores' featuring page, and it can be found in the Featured App Rankings tab under the App Intelligence - App Profiles section. This score takes into account the country of the feature, what type of feature it was (hero banner, subcategory feature...), whether the app was featured as part of a collection or as a stand alone, as well as the position of the feature.

These scores generally range from 1 to 200, but it is extremely difficult to score over 100. The Impact Score is meant to be used for relative comparison to your competitor's features as well as to your own app's features over time rather than evaluating the actual value.

Note: This score is blind to the quality of the app itself and only considers the physical placement of the app on the Featured Apps page in the app store.

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