What is the Traffic Score?

The Traffic Score is an estimate of potential app store search traffic for a specific keyword in a selected country (Traffic for the same keyword varies by country).

It is expressed as an exponential range from 0 - 10, with only a few very popular keywords like "Facebook" having a score over 8.0. A healthy traffic score is generally anywhere above 4.0 for single words.

Our Traffic Score values are derived from the Apple Search Ads relative traffic weight that is assigned to each word. In countries where Apple Search Ads are currently launched (US, UK, AU, NZ), the Traffic Score we show is entirely derived from Apple's search weight value. In other countries, it is partially derived from Apple's search weight value but also takes into account country specific factors like that country's estimated web traffic, frequency of the word's usage in that country, etc.

As Apple Search Ads launch in more countries world wide, we will be updating the Traffic Score to reflect the relative search weight that Apple uses. Since search traffic may change over time, we also update our Traffic Scores on a monthly basis.

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