What is App Intelligence?

App Intelligence is the most comprehensive platform available for App Store Optimization, app monitoring, and competitive analysis for mobile apps found in the App Store and Google Play mobile app stores.  

Some features of App Intelligence require a free account to get started.  You can sign up today for a 14-day free trial by visiting our plans page.

Please note that some features are only available in the Enterprise Licensing level of App Intelligence.  Learn more about our Enterprise features.

App Intelligence is comprised of three separate modules: App Profiles, Sales Metrics, and App Store Optimization (ASO).  

  • "App Profiles" is a freely available suite of tools that provide broad insights into performance of any app in the App Store or Google Play (no account login required). Additional features are also available to users who license the Enterprise version of the App Intelligence platform.
  • "Sales Metrics" integrates native statistics about your app's downloads and revenue performance, from the App Store or Google Play, directly into the Sensor Tower dashboard. (You will need to create a Sensor Tower account, and connect your iTunes and Google Play credentials to activate this module.)
  • "App Store Optimization" (ASO) is a collection of modules that helps you to monitor the performance of your app, and increase its visibility via organic search in mobile app stores. The ASO dashboard provides keyword research and keyword selection features. Use these to test and iterate on your keyword strategy, in order to help your app rank progressively higher in search results. When mobile users enter keywords that your app ranks highly for, there is a much greater chance that they will see and download your app from the App Store or Google Play.

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