Step 2: Optimize your keywords

To get started, click on the Keyword Optimization module. 

Once you are here, click "Load," this will bring in your data from Apple.

If you do not have the credentials at this time and wish to continue, there is another alternative to get your keywords into the optimization tool. 

Simply navigate to Keyword Spy, copy your keywords and past them in the optimization module. See below for a visual guide:

The Optimize Keywords module will correct most of the mistakes you can make, but as a rule of thumb make sure your keywords aren’t too long, have a high enough traffic and aren’t too difficult to rank highly on.

This module will also tell you all the relevant stats about each keyword you’re optimizing — such as the Traffic Score, Difficulty Score, and the total number of apps that use that keyword. Use those numbers as a guideline to select keywords that you can actually rank for.

Short keywords are generally better as they take less space. Don’t put generic keywords like “fun” or “kids” in your app’s keywords — unless you have millions of downloads already!

Follow the instructions of the Optimize Keywords tool until you arrive at a 100 character list of keywords that makes the most sense for your app.

Once you've deleted a few words and have some room in your character list, it's time to find new keywords to add!

- The Sensor Tower Team

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