Why can't I see any historical keyword ranking data?

Why can't I see any historical data for the keyword I've selected in the Keyword Rankings module of the App Store Optimization Group of App Intelligence?

The App Intelligence platform collects keyword ranking history on a per-app basis every day for a large number of known keywords.

A comprehensive list of keywords and app rankings are already actively being tracked each day by Sensor Tower. As a result, for most apps and keywords, as soon as you begin tracking keywords for an app, it's historical rankings on those keywords should show up in the Rankings graph. 

However, in some cases, a keyword will be completely new to Sensor Tower for a selected app, and so there will be no history to display (see image below). In these cases, App Intelligence will immediately begin tracking the keyword as soon as you add it in the Keyword Rankings Module. Within a day, you will begin to see daily ranking information for newly added keywords for the currently selected app.

This means that the ranking history for some app-specific keywords will only go back to the first time a user added them for that app. 

Note also that in some cases, where you have deleted keywords from your tracking list, you may need to reselect a valid keyword before the graph will display its history - simply scroll to the bottom of the graph, and click on a keyword of interest.  You'll see your selection also reflected as the currently selected keyword shown in the upper right corner of the graph window.

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