Step 3: Research competitors

To start, navigate to the Keyword Spy module on the left-hand-side. This is a place for you to research your competitors, find new leads for potential keywords, and begin to track keywords with good traffic scores. Type in a competitor. Then looks at a keyword that interests you (i.e. is relevant to your app), and click on the word. This will take you to Keyword Research where you can learn about the traffic for this word, how difficult it is to rank for this keyword, and tell you what types of apps currently rank for this app. If it seems like a potential match, click "Track" and this will be added to your tracked keywords for an upcoming release.

When looking at difficulty, you should learn which difficulty scores you currently compete for to predict what score would work for your app. Big apps like Facebook or Clash of Clans can compete for pretty much any word they'd like, but many others should only target keywords in their range. To do this, find the keywords that you are currently ranking in the top 10 for and average their Difficulty Scores. If your app has an iPad and iPhone version, average them separately. This will give you your target Difficulty Scores for each device.

When you choose new keywords, only pick keywords that pass the relevance test above, have a Difficulty Score that is equal to or less than your target score and have a Traffic Score that is greater than zero.

This makes the process of choosing keywords much easier because now you know exactly what numbers you are looking for.

If your app doesn’t rank in the top 10 for any of its keywords, then follow the instructions below. The steps you follow will be similar to choosing keywords for an unpublished app.

An Unpublished App

What if your app is not published yet? No problem.

Since you don’t have existing keywords, you don’t know what Difficulty Score you need to target yet. So just start by targeting keywords with a Difficulty Score of 1.5 for less. When your app is published, you can adjust your target Difficulty Score, but 1.5 is a good start.

Highlight the keywords with a score of 1.5 or less and a Traffic Score that is greater than zero and add them to the keyword list that you will submit to Apple. You can also track keywords in Sensor Tower before your app is published by  using a proxy app to track keywords.

Don’t worry about Traffic Score unless there are keywords that have the same relevance and Difficulty Scores. Then choose the keywords with the highest Traffic Scores. Otherwise, as long as there is some traffic, that is all that you need to worry about.

If you don’t have enough keywords that have this difficulty score, go back to brainstorming. Be sure to take a look at  our list of tools to help you find more keyword ideas.

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