How do I delete my account?

Sensor Tower Accounts cannot be deleted.

However, you can take the following steps to effectively remove any personally identifiable information from your account and to otherwise delete your history of usage:

  1. Disconnect your iTunes or Google Play account for EACH APP, if you had previously connected them to the Sensor Tower service.  You can access the Credentials module as shown below:
  2. Delete the credentials you had previously set up for each account:
  3. Next, delete all apps which you have tracked from your App Intelligence account via the Apps and Keywords section of the Account Info Module:
  4. Turn off all general email notifications which you may have currently activated:
  5. Downgrade your account to a Student/Free version (this will also remove any credit card information you may have previously entered if you were using a paid account:
  6. If desired, you can also change your email to a random account name which is not affiliated with you in any way. (You may need to try more than once to avoid collision with other email accounts currently in use:

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