For App Intelligence, the data is updated and available hourly to keep you up-to-date on any category ranking, review, keyword ranking and all other App Intelligence data. (Note: Google Play Category Rankings are available daily.)

For Store Intelligence, the exact breakdown is as follows:

  • Top Apps/Top Publishers is available at 12:00 PM UTC 2 days later (60 hours later since the date begins). The Weekly estimates are available at 12:00 PM UTC the following Tuesday. Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly estimates are available on the 2nd of the following month.
  • App Analysis/Publisher Breakdown/Store Summary is available at 12:00 PM UTC (5AM PDT, 4AM PST) the next day for all date ranges.
  • Please Note: The latest estimates are subject to change and will be finalized 2 days later for iOS. For Google Play, the latest estimates are subject to revision in the next 3 days and will be finalized 5 days later. This is due to the App & Google Play Store having to finish processing the actual downloads & revenue performance of publishers and developers, 2 and 6 days later.

For Ad Intelligence, all of the data is updated on a daily basis. The data is available at 5:00PM PST the following day.

For Usage Intelligence, our Daily Active Users (DAU) is updated daily but the most recent data is available at 5:00PM PDT 2 days later. Engagement Metrics such as Session Count, Session Time, Demographics and others are updated quarterly and available on the 4th of the following month. 

Please contact with any questions.