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Churn Analysis

This module is currently only available for apps in the Google Play Store.

Churn Analysis allows you to understand how the world's biggest apps are growing and retaining users over time. You can analyze how specific business and product decisions impact user retention and churn rates as well as assessing the health of a specific app over time. Benchmark performance by segmenting Active Users to better understand how many new users, retained users, and resurrected users are using an app each month, as well as the number of users that have churned. This allows you to understand how you can improve your business and product strategies to keep users engaged and active on your app.

Churn Analysis includes two new modules: 

  • App Comparison, which allows you to select one user segment and compare it across multiple apps.
  • User Breakdown, which allows you to select one app and compare multiple user segments at once to easily visualize the inflow and outflow of users.


Churn Analysis' weekly data is updated every Thursday at 23:00 UTC while monthly data is updated on the first Thursday of the month at 23:00 UTC.

Key terms

  • New User: A user that installed the app in that month.
  • Resurrected User: A user who is active in the current period (month), was not active in the previous period (month), and was also active at some point before that.
  • Retained User: A user that has at least one session in the specified time period.
  • Churned User: A user that was active on the app the previous month, but did not register a session during the current month. For example, if a user is active on the app in April, but does not register a session in May, they are considered a Churned User. This is calculated month over month.

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