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Store Intelligence Methodology

Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence download and revenue estimates are generated by our proprietary data models of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

These estimates are based on combining actual data provided by our Publisher and Developer Partners with an array of signals available from the App Stores, including App Rankings and App Metadata.

Our strength of accuracy lies in robust data coverage of the top publishers and developers that are among the highest downloaded and grossing titles on the App Stores. While we can’t disclose which specific publishers or developers share data with us, our customers generated more than 50 percent of all App Store revenue in 2018. 

Additionally, we produce larger macro trends and reports, such as analysis of aggregate revenue and download milestones reported by both of the App Stores, and our figures are within five percent of publicly reported milestones. We generate data covering the countries that compose over 99 percent of all downloads and revenue available on the App Stores.

While we generate this data daily, the signals we use to produce our data models are gathered on a more frequent, and thus detailed, cadence.

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