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Usage Intelligence Methodology

Like Ad Intelligence methodology, the data found within Sensor Tower’s Usage Intelligence product is derived from a series of panel-based apps that are purpose-built from the ground up to provide the most accurate metrics possible while delivering world-class user privacy and security.

This data enables us to calculate engagement metrics including retention, session count, session duration, time spent, and daily/weekly/monthly active users. Also, we collect demographic information on user age (birth year) and gender for those users who’ve chosen to share this data during the onboarding flow of our apps, to provide general aggregate information about the demographics of apps in the App Store.

Our panel apps have always abided by global privacy and security standards, and have been independently verified to comply with GDPR. Every data point is anonymized, stripped of any personal information, and aggregated with data from other users.

We typically update our Usage Intelligence Active Users data daily, while we update our engagement metrics quarterly.

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