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In highly saturated app stores, it’s increasingly important to keep an eye on your competition; this is why we have developed the ST Taxonomy, available in all Top modules within Store Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, Usage Intelligence and App Teardown. Every app's taxonomy is also available on its App Overview.

ST Taxonomy is a filter that provides more accurate Sensor Tower categories so you can seamlessly compare your app with other apps in your niche. ST Taxonomy currently includes categories for the Financial Services, Food & Drink, Retail, Travel & Tourism, and Health & Wellness industries, with more to come.


An app is placed into a single category and can therefore be categorized anywhere in the taxonomy hierarchy. For example, Paypal is tagged as the highest-level Financial Services (found in the (General) category), rather than Peer-to-peer Payment Apps or Consumer Banking, because of how many different services the app contains.

The Sensor Tower Taxonomy mirrors the taxonomy featured in Pathmatics by Sensor Tower. Apps with an associated brand will typically be categorized in the same way on both platforms, with some rare exceptions. For example, most banking apps are categorized as Consumer Banking within Sensor Tower while their associated brands in Pathmatics are instead located in the top-level Financial Services category. This is intended to reflect the emphasis of most banking apps’ functionality and make it easier to isolate them from other apps within the finance industry.

The taxonomy covers top-performing apps by downloads for each year since 2019 in the associated app store category. Our coverage is focused on these countries: US, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia and Canada.

This filter is available in addition to our App and Play Store category filters.

To request additions or adjustments to our taxonomy, please contact our Support Team.

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