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Unfiltered insights into how users are engaging with the world’s biggest and most important apps using data derived from Sensor Tower’s trusted panel of millions of mobile users

Cohort Overlap

This module is currently only available for apps in the Google Play Store.

Sensor Tower’s Cohort Overlap module gives subscribers direct access to Sensor Tower’s proprietary panel of mobile users in order to better understand consumer behavior and changing usage patterns of the world’s most popular mobile apps.

Select the users of either a single app, a collection of apps, or an entire category, and see how often and how long these users use other apps, groups, or categories. For example, you can select the users of Tinder and see how much the users of Tinder use Bumble or Hinge. 


You can make this a little more complex by selecting groups of apps instead of singular apps. For instance, select the entire group of Dating apps and see how their users might use another group of apps, like Ride Sharing apps.


Cohort Time Spent

View the trend in average time spent for a given app, category, or collection filtered by a cohort of users.


Cohort Session Count

View the trend in average session count for a given app, category, or collection filtered by a cohort of users.



  • Data can be filtered according to the following regions: Worldwide, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Tier 1 Western or the US.
  • Data starts 30 March 2020.

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