Consumer Intelligence

Unfiltered insights into how users are engaging with the world’s biggest and most important apps using data derived from Sensor Tower’s trusted panel of millions of mobile users

Acquisition & Retention

This module is currently only available for apps in the Google Play Store.

Sensor Tower’s Consumer Intelligence product gives subscribers direct access to Sensor Tower’s proprietary panel of mobile users in order to better understand consumer behavior and changing usage patterns of the world’s most popular mobile apps. The Acquisition & Retention module looks into this consumer behavior by examining user retention and churn rates of specific apps.




Consumer Intelligence’s Retention reports allow you to understand the retention patterns of users based on the week they installed the app. Although similar to Usage Intelligence’s Retention metric, Consumer Intelligence's Retention reports allow you to dive even deeper into the retention of users based on the week they installed an app via our N-Week and N-Month Retention metrics.

Retention within Consumer Intelligence is defined as the percentage of unique users who have at least one active session in a week within the app, X weeks after installing said app.

Retention Trend

View one, four, or ten-week retention change over time for selected apps.

The Retention Trend report looks at the same data as the Retention Curve report, but focuses more on how that weekly retention changes each week. You can analyze whether each specific week’s retention increases or decreases over time.

For example, looking at Tinder, you’ll be able to see how their 1-Week, 4-Week or 10-Week retention goes up and down as they make changes to the app. Hover over the Insights Timeline to see the changes they are making that might be having an impact on retention.


Retention Curve

View the N-Week or N-Month retention curve for selected apps.

N-Week and N-Month Retentions look at retention for each segment of users who install the app in a given week or month, respectively.

For example, looking at Tinder within N-Week Retention allows us to look into overall retention across all users of Tinder. N-Week Retention can go even deeper to look into the retention of the users who downloaded the app during a specific week, which you can then compare against the retention of users who downloaded Tinder in a different week.



  • Retention data starts 30 March 2020.
  • Apps are only available in Cohort Retention if we have enough session data from our panel to be confident in the results. This typically occurs for any app with over 100 million downloads.
  • Some small date periods may be missing for some specific apps caused by lack of data for this app. (This typically happens if an app is new as to chart ten weeks of data we would need users in our panel to use the app for at least ten weeks)

Churn Analysis

Churn Analysis allows you to understand how the world's biggest apps are growing and retaining users over time. You can analyze how specific business and product decisions impact user retention and churn rates as well as assessing the health of a specific app over time.

Benchmark performance by segmenting active users to better understand how many new users, retained users, and resurrected users are using an app each month, as well as the number of users that have churned. This allows you to understand how you can improve your business and product strategies to keep users engaged and active on your app.

User Segment definitions

  • New User: A user that installed the app in that month.
  • Resurrected User: A user who is active in the current period (month), was not active in the previous period (month), and was also active at some point before that.
  • Retained User: A user that has at least one session in the specified time period.
  • Churned User: A user that was active on the app the previous month, but did not register a session during the current month. For example, if a user is active on the app in April, but does not register a session in May, they are considered a Churned User. This is calculated month over month.

User Segment App Comparison

Compare the percentage of either retained, new, resurrected, or churned users across multiple apps.


User Segments Trend

View the change in retained, new, resurrected, or churned users for a single given app over time to easily visualize the inflow and outflow of users.



  • Churn Analysis weekly data is updated every Thursday at 23:00 UTC.
  • Churn Analysis monthly data is updated on the first Thursday of the month at 23:00 UTC.

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