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How is iOS and Android data unified?

Unified Data

Sensor Tower has a helpful pattern called Unified Data, which connects apps and data between the App Store and Google Play Store.

Unified data enables two main kinds of use cases: it lets users analyze data synthesized from both stores, and it also lets a user compare corresponding data across both stores. These data can be enabled by switching the Store Picker to the Unified Store. This option is available throughout the Sensor Tower platform, prominently in Store Intelligence, App Intelligence, and Usage Intelligence.


Unified Apps and Publishers

Unified Apps are a composite app created by Sensor Tower. We use AI and manual oversight to add iOS and Android sub-apps into one Unified App. You can use the checkbox to select or de-select all apps.

It works whether you have the App Store, Google Play, or Unified store selected, so you can control just unified iOS apps or unified Android apps.

Unified Publishers function in the same way, aggregating the publishers of every Unified App together to provide a holistic view of publisher data.








Unified Categories

The concept of a Unified Store requires a notion of Unified Categories. There are more categories on the Google Play Store than the App Store, so unified categories are based on App Store categories, with Google Play categories are mapped to the most similar App Store category. That means that sometimes multiple Google Play categories are mapped to a single unified category. 

Unified Category Mapping

iOS Category ID iOS Category Android Category Android Category ID
0 All Categories All Categories all
6018 Books Books books_and_reference
6000 Business Business business
6026 Developer Tools N/A N/A
6017 Education Education education
6016 Entertainment Entertainment, Events, Comics entertainment, events, comics
6015 Finance Finance finance
6023 Food & Drink Food and Drink food_and_drink
6014 Games Games game
6027 Graphics & Design Art and Design art_and_design
6013 Health & Fitness Health and Fitness health_and_fitness
6012 Lifestyle Lifestyle, House & Home, Parenting lifestyle, house_and_home, parenting
6020 Medical Medical medical
6011 Music Music and Audio music_and_audio
6010 Navigation Travel & Local, Auto & Vehicles, Transportation travel_and_local, auto_and_vehicles, transportation
6009 News News & Magazines news_and_magazines
6008 Photo & Video Photography, Beauty, Media & Video,Video Players & Editors photography, beauty, media_and_video
6007 Productivity Productivity, Personalization productivity, personalization
6006 Reference N/A N/A
6005 Social Networking Social, Dating social, dating
6024 Shopping Shopping shopping
6004 Sports Sports sports
6003 Travel Maps and Navigation maps_and_navigation
6002 Utilities Tools, Libraries & Demo, Communication tools, libraries_and_demo
6001 Weather Weather weather
7001 Games / Action Games Action game_action
7002 Games / Adventure Games Adventure game_adventure
7003 Games / Casual Games Casual game_casual
7004 Games / Board Games Board game_board
7005 Games / Card Games Card game_card
7006 Games / Casino Games Casino game_casino
7009 Games / Family N/A (in kids category) N/A
7011 Games / Music Games Music game_music
7012 Games / Puzzle Games Puzzle game_puzzle
7013 Games / Racing Games Racing game_racing
7014 Games / Role Playing Games Role-Playing game_role_playing
7015 Games / Simulation Games Simulation game_simulation
7016 Games / Sports Games Sports game_sports
7017 Games / Strategy Games Strategy game_strategy
7018 Games / Trivia Games Trivia game_trivia
7019 Games / Word Games Word game_word
10000 Kids / Ages 5 & Under Family family
10001 Kids / Ages 6-8 Family family
10002 Kids / Ages 9-11 Family family
9007 Kids Family family

Deprecated Categories

Periodically, Google Play and the App Store may deprecate or rename categories. When this occurs, the corresponding categories within Sensor Tower will be adjusted to reflect these changes. Often, this means consolidating or reclassifying apps into new or existing categories.

An example of this would be the deprecation of the Catalog category in iOS or the merging of the Android categories Transportation and Maps & Navigation.

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