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How does Sensor Tower convert revenue from local currency to USD?

Apps launched worldwide usually have cashflow in the currency of the local Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Sensor Tower shows app price and In-App Purchase (IAP) information in local currency in App Intelligence and converts local currency to USD when we estimate revenue for apps in Store Intelligence.

To view the IAP of apps in a local currency, you can go to App Intelligence > App Profiles > Overview, and select the country/region. Scrolling down the page, you can find the Top In-App Purchases section listing the prices in local currency for the country/region selected.

For instance, the screenshots show Instagram's Top In-App Purchases in Euros because the German App Store is selected:



For app's revenue estimates, Sensor Tower uses daily spot rates to convert local currency to USD. The currency exchange rate is pulled from Open Exchange Rates at 00:05 UTC every day.

You can find the full list of world currencies by country here.

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