Definitions of terminology used by Sensor Tower


A Soft-Launched app is an application that hasn't been fully released to the global market and is still being tested in specific markets. Soft launches strategically target a group of smaller countries that have similar demographics to larger markets such as the US, China or Japan.

Soft launches are defined differently by different publishers, so it's impossible to perfectly align with the definition of every publisher. This is how Sensor Tower determines if an app is soft-launched, however:

  • False If the app was launched more than six months ago; if it has seen more than one release date; it has been released in only one country and this country is either Thailand, Vietnam or Taiwan; it has been released in any of the following countries: Japan, South Korea, China, United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia; it has been released in three or more of the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Sweden, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Ireland, Ukraine, Romania, Iceland, Mexico, Brazil, Finland.
  • True An app that does not meet any of the above criteria will be considered soft launched.

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