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My Sales Metrics Definitions

My Sales Metrics (like My App Analytics and Firebase Metrics) allows you to pull in your own app's data from iTunes Connect and the Google Play Developer Console.

My Sales Metrics views the actual download, revenue, and in-app purchase (IAP) metrics across your iOS and Google Play apps.

  • Downloads: The number of first-time app downloads made on the App Store and Google Play Store. App Units do not include app updates, downloads from the same Apple ID or Google Play account onto other devices, and re-downloads to the same device. 
  • Revenue: The net bookings revenue acquired through the App Store or Google Play Store. This does not include any revenue from advertisements or third-party purchases.
  • IAP Breakdown: Measure revenue breakdowns by each in-app purchase SKU across all your connected apps. Breakout IAPs by Paid Install, Subscription, and in-app purchase.

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