Accessing your API Token

Note: API access is only available for Enterprise subscriptions

Generating Your API Token

Sensor Tower has many ways to digest data throughout its entire platform, however, one of the most efficient ways to pull and digest data is with Sensor Tower’s API. To access the API you’ll have to use an API Authentication Token that is unique to your account. Each user has one and requires one for any API data pull. To get your API Authentication Token, follow the quick steps below.

  1. Once logged into your account, navigate to the top right corner of the screen and click on your email address.
  2. Click Account Info.
  3. Navigate to the API Settings page.
  4. From API Settings, click on the Generate New API Authentication Token button.


  1. Click Confirm on the Token Generation Confirmation panel if you are sure that you would like to create a new API token.
  2. Copy and store your new Authentication Token. This token is required for API requests as well as on the API Swagger Documentation Page.

For more information on all of our APIs, their parameters, and their endpoints, please follow the API Documentation page that you can either click on from within the Account Info section, within the footer on any platform page, or follow this link below:

Regenerate API

If you’ve already generated your API Token and have forgotten it or need to change it for any reason, you can regenerate a new API Token following the same steps listed above.

You will receive an email alert whenever a new token has been generated on your account.

You will need to switch over any existing automated API requests or scripts that were utilizing the previous token as they will now produce an authentication failure.

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