App Intelligence

App Intelligence is a comprehensive toolkit for evaluating and optimizing an app’s organic strategy

Intro to App Intelligence

At Sensor Tower, we built our App Intelligence product for app monitoring, competitive analysis, and comprehensive App Store Optimization. Our tools facilitate organic growth, reduce marketing costs, and provide extensive insights into any app to help inform product improvements or develop your ASO strategies.

These guides will walk you through each App Intelligence module, so you can implement best practices and strategic decisions for your business, including:

  • Examining app profiles and metadata of any app in detail to ascertain their store presence
  • Keeping up to date with competitors and tracking their every product update
  • Monitoring user sentiments and localization
  • Checking the success and relevant metrics of your app
  • Optimizing your organic keyword strategy and keyword output to improve organic growth

Our App Intelligence product is made up of the following modules:

App Profiles

The tools within the App Profiles section provide valuable insights into app listings in both the App Store and Google Play, these signals are valuable for measuring and driving organic growth.

  • Use App Overview to see app metadata and profiles for millions of apps.
  • Our Category Rankings track their daily progress through the various charts for any selected date range.
  • Review History provides insights into user sentiments and ratings. Filter these reviews by date, star ratings, and Country to understand which app version has everyone talking.
  • Dig deeper and analyze user sentiments with Review Analysis for any app - spot bugs and feature requests to get ahead of your competitors.
  • Track Featured App Rankings to see where and when any app is featured.
  • Our Internationalization module illustrates how successful apps have localized in other countries.
  • Use App Update Timeline to compare and understand any version or product.

My Sales Metrics, Firebase Metrics and My App Analytics

My Sales Metrics & My App Analytics modules break down app downloads, revenue, and analytics to visualize your unique growth and performance. Connect your iTunes or Google Play Developer Credentials to understand your download and revenue data in My Sales Metrics. Compare your most recent monthly performance against competitor apps identified in our Overview tool. Use My App Analytics to view comparable primary and secondary metrics for all your apps.

Rating Analysis

Rating Analysis allows you to analyze daily or cumulative ratings for an app or set of apps over time. Understand when large spikes or plummets in an app's rating occurred and what the cause of each may have been.

App Store Optimization

Our comprehensive App Store Optimization (ASO) tool equips you to both track competitor keywords and research, identify and optimize your own keyword strategies. Evaluate competitor keyword selection and their Apple Search Ads. Use our localization tools to translate your keywords and suit locale.

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