Pull data from the Sensor Tower platform with SQL rather than via the front-end or API

How to set up access to the data warehouse

Provide your Snowflake Account Identifier and Snowflake Data Center Location to your Account Manager.

Your Account Manager will then work with Sensor Tower’s engineers to provision you a Snowflake Warehouse. Once this warehouse has been provisioned, you’ll need to take the steps below to access your own Warehouse.

    1. Navigate to the Shares tab.
    2. Toggle the Inbound View.
    3. Within that list, locate and click on Sensor Tower’s secure share, which should look like this: SENSOR_TOWER_{account_identifier}
    4. This will open a new tab, click Create Database From Secure Share and follow the set up procedure on the screen.
    1. Navigate to Data > Private Sharing.
    2. Select the inbound share.
    3. Choose the Database name in the modal.
    4. Click Get Data.


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