Pull data from the Sensor Tower platform with SQL rather than via the front-end or API

Snowflake methodology and delivery


Our front-end and Snowflake database use the same data source. This means there will be no discrepancies between Sensor Tower’s front-end platform, API or Snowflake database and their methodologies are the same. 

Release Schedule

Data is released within Snowflake at 22:00 UTC everyday.

What are the definitions and thresholds for Snowflake data?

We currently export data from App Intel, Store Intel, Usage Intel and Consumer Intel to Snowflake.

App Intel consists of the key entities we process data for (apps, unified apps, publishers, and unified publishers), so it is included by default with any Snowflake subscription. Learn more about data and definitions.

Available app data within Snowflake will meet these inclusion criteria:

  • App must belong to one of the top 20,000 unified publishers by WWATD (worldwide all-time downloads) or be associated with a stock ticker (i.e. publicly-traded companies and their parents)
  • Where the app has been updated in the past year (this is to exclude older, inactive apps)
  • App will include all supported countries
  • App will include all devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android)
  • App must have downloads/revenue/active user data (active user data may not appear if the app is too small)
  • Data starts from Jan 1, 2017 UTC onwards.

How do data updates affect Snowflake?

To ensure users are always getting the most accurate data possible, Sensor Tower implements a quarterly data update fueled by our Data Science team implementing better data modeling. These quarterly updates happen at a regular cadence and each Sensor Tower user will be notified a few weeks in advance. Please feel free to pull data both prior and post data update.

The Revision Date field is included within each table to highlight when data was last updated. Existing rows (tuples) are updated during quarterly revisions and no new rows are created for updated data.

If you have further questions about our data updates, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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