Pull data from the Sensor Tower platform with SQL rather than via the front-end or API

Snowflake FAQs

How is revenue reported?

All revenue is reported in US¢.

Why do my queries return data from different days?

The observation date displayed will be for your local time zone (this is an automatic Snowflake feature). To ensure you’re looking at the correct date, you’ll need to query observation date based off of the UTC (00:00) time stamp. For example, if we want to query results for 2018-01-01 we would use the following: 2018-01-01T00:00:00Z

Why does the Active Users Revision Date change more often than others?

Sensor Tower's Active User data requires a little longer to finalize than Downloads and Revenue; it takes about seven days to finalize Active User metrics. Sensor Tower will provide estimations within one day of the Observation Date and then subsequently update them each day (with more accurate numbers) until seven days after the Observation Date.

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