App Intelligence

App Intelligence is a comprehensive toolkit for evaluating and optimizing an app’s organic strategy

Organic Performance Signals

Whether it's tracking the impact of your latest app updates, featuring, or ASO- our App Profiles section contains useful modules that help attribute an app's performance with any recent changes. 

Use the following tools to compare app performance, understand the impact of recent featurings, and examine how recent updates affect the wider success of an app: 

This guide walks through some of our App Intelligence modules so you can examine the performance of any app in detail as a part of your product improvement or organic growth workflow. These modules are best used in combination with our other products for a 360 analysis of your cohort to understand how and why certain apps are outperforming others. To help get you started with these modules, we've added a mini checklist at the end of each section. 

Category Rankings

Users are more likely to download apps ranking the highest in a category or subcategory as opposed to apps that are not ranking in the Top 10. Since the Top Charts features are positioned prominently in both stores, it is particularly important to rank high as users tend to download the first available app as opposed to continuing their search or browsing.

Our Category Rankings module illustrates the chart position of any app in its given categories highlighting their ranking within free and grossing charts in each store. Enter multiple apps in our Charts tab to see where they are ranking and use our date range selector to compare these changes over time. Check the Country Summary tab and monitor rankings in top global markets to understand where an app is most visible.

Analyze these changes over time to see how app improvements and keywords updates affect chart positions. See our App Update Timeline module below for further details.

Get Started

✅ Navigate to the App Profiles section in App Intelligence and select the Category Rankings module. Set your Store view (App Store or Google Play) and preferred countries from the Country dropdown list.

✅ The app you entered to track at the top of your page will appear here as the default app. Enter multiple apps into the search bar under the date selector for competitive analysis and track or compare their position in each store. 

✅Customize Date(s) to view current and changes to historical rankings over time- filter by Chart Type, Category, or Device (for iOS). Please note that only the chart types and categories the app is ranked for will be available to select here.




✅ Adjust granularity to view Hourly or Daily category ranking updates and see when changes happen.



Our interactive graph illustrates category rankings, scroll over to see changes in rankings over any given date range. Leverage these insights to ascertain the causes of these changes and the impact of organic and paid growth. Perhaps the app was featured recently, or there was a spike in downloads as a direct result of paid marketing? Explore the catalyst behind these changes using our Store and Ad Intelligence products. 

We provide helpful insights and additional context to the primary data signals we measure in App Intelligence through our Official Annotations Timeline (highlighted). Scroll over the + symbols/ text speech bubbles at the bottom of the charts to view version updates, events, and other helpful insights that explain significant changes. Click through to our App Update Timeline for an in-depth breakdown of any app modifications. 

Scroll down to view the Category Rankings table, here you can set up a Custom Alert to automatically monitor category ranking changes and be notified anytime there are shifts in chart positions. Click on the Chart column icons to view real-time data in our Top Charts for App Store and Google Play.




Our Country Summary tab displays a breakdown of Countries where the apps are ranking in tier 1-1500, including category changes for each selected date.




App Update Timeline

Track every change and stay ahead of your competitor's latest version update with our App Update Timeline module. Filter by our 29 update types for details of changes to their icon, title, screenshots, and other efforts. 

For instance, UA teams can filter by Version, Name, Subtitle, Price, Promo Text, Description, File Size, Category, Keywords, Icon, and Screenshot updates to understand when keywords are updated and which visuals were recently improved. Checking these updates provides competitive insights into how apps are positioning themselves in the store. 




Our App Update Timeline provides in-depth insights into the important changes to any app, including extensive Before and After details. Dive deeper into the keywords updates and scan for high-traffic keywords to boost your own ASO strategies.
Note: Keywords Updates are only displayed for apps available in the US App Store.



Toggle from a list of current and historical version updates for any app. Monitor any pricing changes to in-app purchases alongside Category Rankings and observe how these changes impacted overall revenue or downloads.​


Featured Rankings

Our Featured Rankings module can be used with other signals in the App Profiles section to examine the direct impact of featuring in each store. View featured creatives to discover where, when, or how many times an app was featured. See the number of estimated downloads and ride out the wave of your own app's success after featuring with new, improved strategic ad campaigns. 

Uncover the correlation between countries with the highest percentage share of downloads and feature occurrences. We currently support 98 countries and provide download data based on the featuring position and occurrence data from each featuring type.

For App Store (iOS 11+), we currently capture six Feature Types:

  • Story: in-depth articles or videos about specific apps on the Today tab
  • App of Day: App of Day and Game of Day features on the Today tab
  • App List: Collections of apps on the Today tab with shared themes
  • Hero: Large banners at the top of the store
  • List: Collections of featured apps with no visuals or artwork
  • Screenshot/Video: Collections of apps accompanied by their screenshots or video trailers on the Games and Apps tabs

For Google Play, we capture Hero and List Feature Types. Check out our Featuring Timeline within our Top Charts & News section for more details. Here you can enter individual or multiple apps and see a fuller picture of their featuring on any given day across multiple countries.


Get Started

 Select your preferred date range using our filters. Choose from Country/Region to view specific featurings.

✅ Choose from our Feature Types for the relevant store

✅ Chart by Downloads or Occurrences to begin measuring and quantifying the direct impact that featuring had on an app's performance. Scroll down to the table below to view the Monthly Downloads trend and feature position.




✅ Set up Custom Alerts to be notified whenever there's an upcoming feature to celebrate your milestones or track competitor features.


Using these modules in parallel with one another, we begin to understand the various factors contributing to organic growth and can examine any sudden shifts to an app's performance. Our App Profiles modules offer in-depth analyses of specific changes or product improvements that impact an app's success. Use these modules alongside our Review History & Review Analysis tools to uncover user sentiments around any app updates, price changes, and other modifications.

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