Ad Intelligence

Ad Intelligence helps app marketers understand how mobile apps are using paid app-install campaigns to grow

Intro to Ad Intelligence

Sensor Tower’s Ad Intelligence product provides valuable insights into mobile advertising by capturing data from millions of mobile ad impressions across all major ad networks. Using these signals, you can optimize your network spend strategy and uncover the latest successful creatives to differentiate or shape your paid user acquisition campaigns.

These guides will walk you through each module in our Ad intelligence product to help implement best practices and strategic decisions for your business, including: 

  • Optimizing your network spend strategy and tracking competitor efforts
  • Uncovering the latest successful creative trends
  • Understanding where your competitors are spending on their campaigns including their search ads to evaluate the effectiveness of ad networks

Our Ad Intelligence insights are powered by anonymized data we collect from our panel of mobile users across the globe. This panel is made up of over 10 million users who are using a diverse set of mobile apps. We capture exactly when users are exposed to ads and model this data to more general trends.

Find your way around Ad Intelligence

Throughout Ad Intelligence, you can toggle between your preferred app store to see advertising data for either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Our Ad Intelligence product is made up of two main sections: 

  1. Advertiser Insights
  2. Publisher Insights


Advertiser Insights provides comprehensive insights into advertisers across major networks on the App Store or Google Play store throughout the five modules. Top Advertisers displays the top 10,000 advertising apps worldwide across the most extensive networks for any given date range. 

We currently capture data for Adcolony, AdWords/AdMob, Apple Search Ads, Applovin, Chartboost, Facebook, Facebook Feed, Instagram, Snapchat, ironSource, Pinterest, Unity, Liftoff(Vungle), YouTube, and TikTok. We also have historical data for Mopub. Note that Facebook in Sensor Tower is primarily Facebook Audience Network ads (i.e., those who use Facebook SDK for monetization. This allows Facebook to surface ads for those apps.) Facebook Feed, by contrast, refers primarily to ads seen in the Facebook app itself. They are usually labeled as 'sponsored'.

Search within networks to observe the Top Creatives with the highest number of impressions so that you can analyze the most effective creative strategies used by the top advertisers. Analyze the creatives being used by these networks using our Creative Gallery to visualize their most effective advertising strategies for your own campaigns. 

Our Network Analysis module allows you to compare how competitors are advertising. Keep tabs on where they are advertising to analyze historical trends into any past or current ad campaigns for any app. Examine this data on a high-level for each country using our Global Analysis module.

Following a similar layout to the Advertiser Insights section, Publisher Insights provides an opposite view by looking at any app running mobile ad campaigns on iOS or Android (as a Publisher). Using these signals, we can understand which apps are monetizing from ads. Uncover which publishers are showing the most amount of ads on any given app using our Top Publishers module and see which ads are being shown on your app with our Advertiser Breakdown module.

Metrics and definitions

Throughout Ad Intelligence, you’ll see the following metrics used to measure advertising across our ad networks:  

  • Advertiser: Apps running mobile ad campaigns on iOS or Android across selected networks.

  • Publisher: Apps monetizing their platform by displaying ads to their users
    Note: Not to be confused with the Publisher (Developer) cited in Store Intelligence.

  • Impression: unit used to measure how many times an ad has been viewed. For example, six impressions mean an ad was viewed six times.
  • Share of Voice (SOV%) measures the percentage of impressions sent from an ad network to an app and how often these ads are seen compared to other ads. For example, if an app has an SOV of 10% on the Facebook Network in the US, then 10% of all ads seen on the Facebook network will be from that app. On the Publisher side, if an app has 6% SOV on the Facebook network, this indicates that 6% of all ads sent from Facebook are being sent to that app to display.  

Use our Ad Intelligence product to keep track of industry-wide standards and further your user acquisition campaigns. Whether you’re working in Marketing, prospecting for major advertisers, or uncovering new trends, Ad Intelligence will assist with all competitive analysis, campaign planning, and creative optimization. 

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