Ad Intelligence

Ad Intelligence helps app marketers understand how mobile apps are using paid app-install campaigns to grow

Intro to Ad Intelligence

Ad Intelligence helps app marketers understand how mobile apps are using paid app-install campaigns to grow. Gain critical insights into the channels, networks and ad creatives that are delivering the majority of share of voice across mobile.

Effectively target networks to maximize advertising budget, design creatives that resonate with target audiences and improve conversions and be the first to know about advertisers or creatives that are disrupting the creative space.

Our Ad Intelligence product is powered by our series of panel-based apps that are purpose-built from the ground up. We provide the most accurate metrics possible while delivering world-class user privacy and security. Learn more about Ad Intelligence's methodology →

Network coverage

AdColony.png AdColony AdMob.png AdMob Apple Apple Search Ads
AppLovin.png AppLovin Chartboost.png Chartboost Digital Digital Turbine
Facebook.png Facebook Instagram.png Instagram ironSource.png ironSource
Liftoff.png Liftoff (Vungle) Mintegral.png Mintegral Pinterest.png Pinterest
Snapchat.png Snapchat TikTok.png TikTok Unity.png Unity
YouTube.png YouTube        

Advertiser Insights

Advertiser Insights provides comprehensive insights into advertisers across major networks on the App Store or Google Play Store across its five modules. 

Top Advertisers →

View the top mobile advertisers in any country, across the ad networks you know and love, for any date range, and in any app category.


Top Creatives →

View the top creatives within a selected network for a specified period of time, device, category, and country.


Creative Gallery →

A window into the creatives that other advertisers use as part of their current and past ad campaigns.


Network Analysis →

Track where your competitors are advertising and how their Share of Voice has varied over time across the ad networks where they are spending.


Global Analysis →

Obtain a high-level understanding of an advertiser’s Share of Voice across multiple networks in different countries, over a period of time.


Publisher Insights

Publisher Insights provides the opposite view to Advertiser Insights by looking at any app publishing mobile ad campaigns on iOS or Android. Using these signals, we can understand which apps are monetizing via ad revenue.

Top Publishers →

Identify the top ad publishers in any country, across the largest ad networks, for any date range, and in any app category.


Advertiser Breakdown →

Identify which advertisers are running the most ads within a publisher to determine how your competitors are running their mobile ad campaigns.


Key metrics and definitions

Throughout Ad Intelligence, you’ll see the following metrics used to measure advertising across our ad networks:

  • Advertiser
    Apps running mobile ad campaigns on iOS or Android across supported networks.
  • Publisher
    Apps monetizing their platform by displaying ads to their users.

    Not to be confused with the Publisher (Developer) cited in Store Intelligence.

  • Impression
    Unit that measures how many times an ad has been viewed.
    • Six impressions means an ad has been viewed six times, by one or more people.
  • Share of Voice (SOV)
    Measures the percentage of impressions sent from an ad network to an app and how often these ads are seen compared to other ads.
    • Advertiser Insights: If an app has an SOV of 10% on the Facebook network in the US, then 10% of all ads seen on the Facebook network will be from that app.
    • Publisher Insights: If an app has an SOV of 6% on the Facebook network in the US, this indicates that 6% of all ads sent from Facebook are being sent to that app to display.

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