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Exploring and Uncovering Successful Creative Trends

Our Top Creatives module within Advertiser Insights illustrates the rankings of specific ad creatives that have the highest Share of Voice (SOV%) each network. Unlike Top Advertisers, the SOV% here is ranked on a creative-by-creative basis. This means that you can have multiple creatives from the same app appear in Top Creatives because they have the highest number of impressions. Often a Top Advertiser may not appear in this section as they have multiple creatives contributing to their Top Advertiser ranking. 

Use Top Creatives to focus on the best campaign efforts and surface new trends into the most popular creatives apps are spending on. Here you can search and view the most seen creatives within a particular network for any Date, Device, Category, Game Taxonomy, and Country. We introduce a new filter on this page- Creative Type.

Use the dropdown list to filter the types of creatives used by apps; we currently capture Banner, Full Screen, Video, Playables, and Offer Wall

rtaImage_59.gifOur Global and Custom Fields also available on this page make it easier to cut through the noise and view Creatives that matter to you. Check creatives across different countries for inspiration and borrow elements from other categories. Why not check out our Game Taxonomy filter for some ideas? 

Back in June 2020, we noticed a Movie Trailer style Creatives were trending for games advertising on Admob, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat: 


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Top Creatives ranks and sorts each creative based on the number of impressions the specific creative gets, these depend on the filters applied at the top of your page. Visualize the most seen creatives for any Week, Month, or Quarter across each network. You can also check creative details to understand when the ad was first seen, creative type, duration, and network details. 

Click on any creative to view additional details and hit Play to interact. Find out more information on durations the creative was shown for (first seen, last seen), whether it’s a part of an ongoing campaign, creative rank, and type. All our creatives are available to download so you can share these with your wider team. Our bookmarks feature is helpful for saving your filter parameters, making it easier for you to regularly check the Top Creatives in your cohort at any time! 🚀

You might notice that there are no percentages for SOV available on this page. We haven’t included this metric for creatives as the percentage would be too small due to the multitude of ads being out there. To avoid adding insignificant figures, we’ve ranked all creatives by the number of impressions (views),

We recommend setting up automatic Custom Alerts to ensure you're notified of any changes to SOV (increases to ad spend), or when a new Advertiser enters the Top Advertisers leaderboard. 

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