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Ad Intelligence helps app marketers understand how mobile apps are using paid app-install campaigns to grow

Creative Inspiration For Your Campaigns

Before developing and launching effective advertising campaigns, it’s essential to track competitor campaigns to see what does and doesn’t work for your target audience.

Our Creative Gallery provides a window into any app’s advertising creatives, including historical campaigns. In this guide, we look at the creatives that other advertisers are using as part of their previous and current ad campaigns. 

To check how specific apps are advertising, we can check their campaign inventory in our Top Creatives module. This feature provides insights into the most effective creatives so you can implement these successful strategies in your campaigns.

We’ve created a basic checklist below 👇 to help you analyze competitor Creatives.

✅ Identify the most successful advertisers using our advertisers leaderboard in Top Advertisers and check the Top Creatives in your cohort to determine which app and campaigns you’ll be examining (see How To Track Top Advertisers here).

✅  Decide on a date range - 
Are you interested in tracking the all-time inventory for a specific competitor or their most successful campaigns from this year only? Knowing your timeline will help narrow down the number of creatives appearing in their inventory. Campaigns are launched regularly, so unless they are continuously featured in Top Creatives or Top Advertisers leaderboards, it might be best to stick with more recent campaigns. 

✅  Enter up to 5 competitor apps to begin examining their creatives on each store:


✅  Select all Networks to view all creatives for your cohort, by Country, Device, Network and Type. Ad networks differ with their levels of inventory, targeting capabilities and creative types. For instance, AdMob, Applovin, Ironsource, Facebook Unity, and Liftoff (Vungle) offer Playables as part of their inventory. Creative Types will also vary depending on the Networks and app verticals.


✅  View entire creative inventory breakdown for any app including details for the Network that served them, type of devices that received the ad, campaign duration, when they were first/last seen, trend lines and history of impression volume. 

✅ Toggle the Impressions column to see the percentage chance of the most successful ads and how often they were seen compared to other ads on the Network. Uncover campaign effectiveness by visualizing the distribution of impressions across each network the creatives were displayed on.


Hover over the Trend graphs (highlighted) to see how long the campaign is running for and see which creative produced the best results.
See which creatives were used as part of an ongoing or seasonal campaign by checking the dates in this section.

 ✅  Examine each successful creative closely (interact with playables) to analyze trending creative assets for new creative ideas and draw inspiration for your marketing campaigns. View a detailed summary for each specific creative including Devices, Dimensions, Top Publishers, and in-depth Trend graphs.


Observe the mechanics of the creatives they're running on various networks to optimize your own advertising. Identify which strategies are working for your competitors, which creatives were seen the most. and also check apps outside of your category for inspiration. Engage new users with captivating visuals and avoid creative fatigue by staying one step ahead of your marketing game.

💡Tip: Our App Overview page in our App Intelligence product illustrates the screenshots, icons, and videos displayed to users in the store. Keep an eye on these to make sure you are also maintaining compelling creatives in your storefront pages.

✅  Bookmark your page, share ideas, or download creatives as part of your ongoing projects. Remember to keep your own inventory fresh by keeping track of and removing any outdated campaigns!


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