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Uncovering Apps by Active Users

What are Top Apps?

The Top Apps module in Usage Intelligence gives an overall view of the most successful apps by active users. Here you can see the top 10,000 apps in a ranking order by the highest number of active users.

Here you're able to see Daily Active Users (DAU), WAU, or MAU data for these apps across each store. Use this section to discover the most successful apps and understand their usage trends to improve your strategies. Compare the number of active users to the number of downloads for these apps to measure the long-term performance of any app. Do you find that apps with the highest number of downloads are also successful with the number of active users?

Note: If an app has very few Active Users and then experiences a high increase in users, it's Growth Percentage might be substantial. For larger apps with millions of Active Users, the growth percentage will be much smaller. 

Identifying Growing Apps by Active Users

By checking Top Apps at a high-level, you're able to gain a deeper understanding of the app's overall health. Significant increases in Active Users indicate that users are engaging and interacting with the app regularly. For your own apps, this illustrates that you're doing the right thing for your users.

Understanding the number of active users over a specified timeframe helps with examining the app's customer journey and the impact of their marketing campaigns.

We've created a checklist below to help discover for growing apps in your cohort:


✅  Determine which angle you're checking for: 
After selecting your preferred Store, you'll need to decide which view you'd like to see. Start with an Absolute view to see the overall most successful apps with the highest number of users. For those checking for apps experiencing significant growth or spikes in Active Users, we recommend selecting a Growth view.



✅  Apply date range and filters:
Use our filters at the top of your page to select a timeframe, preferred categories, and countries of interest.




✅  Filter your results with Global/Custom Fields:
Global/Custom Fields allow you to refine your selection. You can choose to include or exclude specific cohorts/apps to find more meaningful results. Select 'Filter by tag' and click 'Display All fields.' Here you can select from our preset filters more applicable to your research.

For example, you could apply Global Fields to filter only apps that meet a specific Downloads or Revenue threshold; >$100k in Last 180 Days Revenue (WW), >$50k in Last 30 Days Revenue (WW), > than 5m All Time Downloads (WW), >500k Last 30 Days Downloads (WW). Alternatively, you could check the growth of your competitors or specific apps by setting up a Custom Fields filter. (perform custom analysis)

✅  Chart by DAU, WAU, or MAU: 
To truly measure growth, you'll need to examine signals from Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Active Users. Bear in mind that Usage Trends vary across different categories. Gaming, social media & Entertainment apps
have the highest increase in DAU's while Utilities might only have WAU or MAU's.




Tracking Trends

Below the ranking chart, you can view a table view of the top apps. Configure Selected columns for more in-depth data to narrow down precisely what you want to see. 



Add, remove, or replace columns with eight other column metrics, including App Info, App Ratings, App Updates, Store Intelligence, and Custom Fields. Track the Average prior users compared to the latest figures, view these figures by growth percentage ot Market Share of users. 


For further analysis and flexibility, select your apps of interest from the table and View Estimates to dig deeper into the Active Users and view specific metrics by Country, Publisher, Device, and apps. Similarly, View App Analysis for historical demographics, engagement, and retention trends.

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