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Using Align by Launch to Understand App Performance

Sensor Tower's Align by Launch view in Store Intelligence is a great way to view, compare, and understand apps' all-time performance from launch. By choosing the 'Align by Launch' view under App Analysis, Sensor Tower will show you the initial download, revenue, RPD, and ARPDAU figures of your selected app(s), aligned together by their launch dates. In this view, you can gain insights into the relative performance of your apps, from their respective release dates.


Comparing Relative Performance Between Apps

Here's how you can compare the relative performance between two apps, aligned by their launch date:

  1. Navigate to Store Intelligence > App Analysis and add in your desired app(s) into the search field.
  2. Select your desired store, and whether you'd like to chart by Downloads, Revenue, RPD, or ARPDAU. Then, press the 'Align by Launch' button.

Note: It is recommended to use the Line Plot Type when using 'Align by Launch', so you can see overlaps between apps.

       3.  Under Plot Type, tick the "Cumulative" checkbox to see cumulative downloads and revenue figures since launch.


Now, you can compare apps' initial download & revenue figures with one another to understand how well they've performed in relation to apps of similar categories. In the example above, you can see it took TikTok 80 months to surpass Snapchat in terms of downloads. 

While Snapchat still has more all-time downloads, 80 months after launch, TikTok had more cumulative downloads than Snapchat had achieved at that point in its life cycle. From these insights, you can conclude that TikTok is likely going to overtake Snapchat as the more popular photo & video app in the near future, as indicated by where the two curves end.


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