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Finding Top New Ad Strategies

Finding Top New Ad Strategies                 

With Sensor Tower’s Ad Intelligence product, you can perform valuable analyses to find the most viewed creatives for any mobile ad campaign. Using the Top Creatives feature, you can discover best practices for mobile ad campaigns from the top creatives for each ad network. For instance, if you’d like to use the Instagram network but are not sure what type of creative to use, you can perform analysis for the top creatives on the Instagram network within this module.                  

You’ll learn how to utilize our Top Creatives feature to discover the top creative strategies from each ad network. This module can provide insight into the most popular creatives within each network and allows you to analyze the creative strategies for the top advertisers.

Creative Strategies

In Top Creatives, you can view the top creatives within a selected network for a specified period of time, device, category, and country. This feature allows you to search within a particular network and observe the top creatives that are being published on the network, these are the creatives with the highest number of impressions for each network. You can find the most popular creative strategies from a specific network and then analyze the differences between those creative strategies across networks.

Example: To find the top creative within the Shopping Category on Facebook in September 2019, follow the steps below.

Note: You can change the Date, Category, or Network at any time using these steps.

  1. Go to Top Creatives within Advertiser Insights in Ad Intelligence.
  2. Select September 2019 as the Date, Shopping as the Category, the US as the Country, and Facebook as the Ad Network.
  3. The Top Creatives from Facebook in the Shopping category from September 2019 will be displayed. You can change the network at any time under the Ad Network filter to analyze various creative strategies from different networks.

Note: You can also change the Ad Type to see the different types of ads like video, banner, full screen, or playable ads.


To view specific app's creative strategies, use our Creative Gallery feature instead.


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