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Analyzing Apps From a Publisher

When it comes to analyzing apps, perhaps you might be interested in investigating how a cohort of apps from a specific publisher has performed over time. Sensor Tower's Align by Launch feature enables you to closely study apps from your desired publisher(s) to find their best performing titles, for example. Use this information to gain insights into publishers' flagship apps and understand how that compares with the rest of their apps.


Comparing Apps Under a Publisher

Sensor Tower's Publisher Breakdown feature is a great way to view all apps under a unified publisher. This can be especially useful when you need to add apps from a publisher to perform analysis quickly. Use this in conjunction with Align by Launch to see how their apps stack against each other.

To find and compare apps under a publisher:

  1. Navigate to Store Intelligence > Publisher Breakdown > App. Scroll down to the table to view all apps under a publisher.
  2. Add your selected apps into App Analysis > App and select Align by Launch.



In this example, I have added some popular titles from King (the company behind the Candy Crush games) and compared their revenue performances with each other. As you can see, 7 months after launch Candy Crush Soda Saga has earned more revenue than any other King title.


However, when we switch over to the cumulative line view under Plot Type, we can see that after 15 months, classic Candy Crush Saga starts pulling ahead dramatically. Based on the large difference in cumulative revenue curves between Soda Saga & classic Candy Crush Saga, it is unlikely that the former will ever catch up to the latter. You can perform similar analyses with other publishers to understand individual app performance, in relation to their other apps.


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