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Tracking Your Competitors in App Intelligence

Sensor Tower's Track Competitors feature allows you to quickly add a list of competitors to monitor their activity in Keyword RankingsCategory Rankings, and Keyword Spy. This is a great way to keep track of all your competitors in one page, without having to manually add each competitor repeatedly within App Intelligence. You can use this feature to compare your app to your competitors and see how you stack up against them.


Finding Competitors to Track

In addition to the competitors you're already aware of, you may also discover potential new competitors through the use of our soft-launched apps tag, or by looking through Category and Keyword Rankings. In these features, you can discover apps that are of similar rank to yours for a specific keyword.

To find and track potential competitors:

  1. Navigate into App Intelligence > App Store Optimization > Keyword Rankings
  2. Use the keyword table below the graph to select any keyword you've added and observe its Top Apps panel near the top-right.
  3. Observe apps that are of similar rank to yours for the respective keyword(s). In this example below, you can see the top apps for the keyword "brawl":


  Note: The same process can be done in Search Ads (under ASO), where you can discover competitors that are also bidding for the same search term.


Tracking Your Competitors

After you've discovered the competitors for your app, you can track them using Sensor Tower's "Track Competitors" feature under ASO. (App Intelligence -> ASO -> Track Competitors)Type in your competitors' apps in the search field below and afterward, you can track them site-wide in features such as Category RankingsKeyword Rankings, and Keyword Spy.


By clicking on either View Rankings or Keyword Spy, you will be directed to the Category Rankings and Keyword Spy pages, respectively. In the former view, you can see that all of your apps have been added automatically and you can compare rankings across all apps, for a specific category.


Your competitors' apps will also appear in Keyword Rankings (shown below) if they're ranking for the same keywords as your app.


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