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Tracking Competitor's Ad Campaigns Using Custom Alerts

One of the features within Sensor Tower's Custom Alerts is the ability to track whenever apps reach a certain threshold in Top Advertisers (ex. top 50), and when they have a spike in Share of Voice (SoV%). When you set up a custom alert for tracking ad campaigns, you'll receive periodic email notifications with details of the ad network, the current rank, and how far the app is ranked above the threshold you set. This is a great way to monitor your competitors' apps in getting notified whenever they're spending on ad campaigns. You can see an example of one of these Custom Alerts below:




Set Up a Custom Alert to Track Advertising

Here's how you can set up your own custom alerts to track whenever an app reaches the top X advertisers across all ad networks (where X is the number you define), or when your app has a spike in Share of Voice %.

  • Navigate to Custom Alerts under the Dashboards & Alerts section on the left sidebar, and click on 'Configure'. Alternatively, you can click on the🔔 icon near your email address in the upper-right.
  • Click on the Add New Alert button under App Alerts on the Configure Custom Alerts page.
  • On the Choose Type of Alert to Track page, type in your app name and choose your desired app store. Then, click Next. Select either the App Store or Google Play, not the Unified view.
  • On the Select Metric to Use for Alert page, scroll down to the Advertisers section and select Share of Voice / Top Advertisers, and click Next.


  • For the Top Advertisers metric, input a number in the "Rank" field to set the minimum ranking position for the alert to be triggered. For Share of Voice metric, the "Lower Threshold" field can be left blank if you don't want to omit apps under a certain SoV%.
  • Finally, in Name Alert & Select Delivery Options, give your alert a name and decide whether you would like to receive email notifications, or through Slack. Then, hit Finish!



Afterwards, your alerts will be configured and you'll receive email / Slack notifications whenever your selected apps meet the specified criteria. 

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