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Finding and tracking soft-launched apps

When games are newly released into the Apple App Store & Google Play Stores, they'll typically implement a soft launch opening where they can test the waters in a smaller market country before releasing it worldwide. Sensor Tower can track when and where these apps are being soft-launched through our global fields. By knowing which apps are currently in soft launch, you can gain insights into these apps to make predictions, evaluations, and generate leads before their global release.


Finding Soft Launched Apps

Finding soft-launched apps within the Store Intelligence product is super easy using global fields. Sensor Tower already has a "Soft Launched Currently" field where users can toggle to see all the apps that are currently in soft launch. 

To find apps that are currently in soft launch:

  1. Navigate to Store Intelligence > Top Apps > Absolute and click on the 'Display All Fields' button near the top-right
  2. Find the 'Soft Launched Currently' global field (indicated by the green vertical bar on the left), and select TRUE

 Note: You may have to click the 'Display All Fields' button for the soft launch field to appear. If it's still not there, navigate to 'Manage Fields' and check the 'Soft Launched Currently' tag.


Afterwards, Sensor Tower will show you a list of the apps that are currently in soft launch. By selecting the date range (month) at the top, our platform will show you the soft-launched app's download and revenue figures for that specific month.


Tracking Soft Launched Apps

In addition to finding soft-launched apps, Sensor Tower can also track when apps are entering soft launch. This is done through our custom alerts feature in the Dashboards & Alerts section of our platform. By using this feature, you can receive Email and Slack notifications for when publishers have released a new app in soft launch.


To create an alert to track soft-launched apps:

  • Navigate to Dashboard & Alerts > Custom Alerts > Configure, and click on the green 'Add New Alert' button under Publisher Alerts or Category Alerts.




  • In the Choose Type of Alert to Track page, enter in your selected publishers whose soft-launched apps you'd like to track.




  • On the next page: Select Metric To Use For Alert, type "soft launch" in the search field and select "Soft Launched App". Note: To find more information about how we recognize soft-launched apps, click on the Explanation tab on the right, next to Sample Alert.




  • In Configure When To Be Alerted, select how often you'd like to receive this alert (daily, weekly, or monthly)​​




  • Lastly, in Name Alert & Select Delivery Options, you can choose whether you'd like to receive these alerts by Email or Slack if you have it connected. Find out how to connect your Slack account with Sensor Tower HERE



​​​​​​​Afterwards, our platform will send you an alert via Email or Slack in intervals of your selected time period. This way, you can get automated alerts for soft-launched apps, without having to manually check our platform every day.


For more information or if you have any questions, please email support@sensortower.com

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