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Finding Growing Apps

Discovering Sizable Growing Apps

Sensor Tower can be incredibly useful for tracking Apps that are growing rapidly. Using Custom Fields and Top Apps – Growth Percentage, you can find apps that are growing rapidly and have a medium to large user base already. Typically, the Top Apps – Growth Percentage section displays small apps that have grown massively in the last week/month/year, but it is riddled with apps that had a very low number of downloads from the previous time period. To weed out these smaller apps, you can use Custom Fields to filter for the apps that would be useful for your organization.

Using Top Apps and Custom Fields

The following steps will show you how to find emergent apps within the app marketplace using Top Apps and Custom Fields.

  • Navigate to Store Intelligence and click on the Growth Percentage section under Top Apps.
  • Select a specific time period you’d like to view the growing apps in.
  • Recommended: latest month or quarter.
  • Ensure other filters are selected correctly as well (Country, Category, and Device).

This data provided will typically show apps where the prior downloads are extremely small so that when they grow, the growth percentage is much larger compared to larger apps and their growth. These next steps will take these very small apps out of the graph and table.

  • Under the Chart By: Downloads/Revenue filters click the Display All Fields button.
  • This will show all of the available custom fields that your Admin/Team Lead has allowed you to view. If you are missing fields or would like more, please reach out to your Admin or your Sensor Tower representative.



  • Use these Custom Fields to further filter out extra small apps or any apps you don’t need. For example, under the field All-Time Downloads, you can check the boxes next to “1M-10M” to only see apps that have in between 1M-10M All-Time Downloads.
  • The resulting apps will still be ranked by growth percentage but only include the apps within the selection criteria from the Custom Fields.

​​​​​​​Using these Custom Fields and Growth Percentage features you’ll be able to find apps that are growing rapidly over any range of preferred downloads. You can get as granular or as broad as you want with Custom Fields.


For more information or if you have any questions, please email support@sensortower.com.

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