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Lead Generation using Ad and Store Intelligence

With Sensor Tower’s Ad Intelligence and Store Intelligence products, you can perform valuable lead generation. These leads can either be new mobile advertisers on competitor networks to target your own campaign towards or trending apps that are just beginning ad campaigns.

You’ll learn how to utilize Custom Filters and Configure Columns to filter apps in Top Advertisers to display certain criteria, such as download and revenue data. Additionally, this document will cover how to set up Custom Alerts for mobile advertising campaigns for your selected apps.

Leads in Top Advertisers

In Top Advertisers, you can find the apps with the largest mobile advertising campaigns, as well as apps that are increasing their spending on mobile advertising campaigns on specific networks.


Using the Custom Fields tool in Top Advertisers, you can filter for leads based on specific download and revenue options (e.g., Revenue Per Download, Last 180 Days Downloads, and/or All-Time Downloads). Using these fields, apps can be filtered based on the selected filter(s), such as apps with >$15.00 Revenue Per Download with >500k All-Time Downloads. Apps meeting the selected criteria will be shown on the graph and included in the table. In addition to filtering capabilities, you can use our Configure Columns tool to arrange the table on Top Advertisers to include the data for each app from each Custom Filter.

Follow the steps below to set up Custom Filters for the Top Advertisers in Advertiser Insights based on Revenue Per Download, Last 180 Days Downloads, and All-Time Downloads.

Note: You can add any Custom Field using these steps.

  1. Go to Top Advertisers within Advertiser Insights within Ad Intelligence.
  1. Click on the Manage Fields option below Display All Fields and a new tab will open, Sensor Tower Custom Fields.
  1. From the Sensor Tower Custom Fields page, scroll down the page and ensure the box next to Revenue Per Download, Last 180 Days Downloads, and All-Time Downloads is checked.
  1. Head back to your previous tab, refresh the page, and below the DateDeviceCategoryCountry and Network filters, you will now see your Custom Filters that you have added from your Sensor Tower Custom Fields page.

    Note: Click Display All Fields if you do not see the filters.


After setting up your Custom Filters, you will want to Configure Columns in the table below so you can see the associated data for each app. To do so, follow the steps below.

Note: Any Global Custom Field you add from the Custom Fields page can be added to the table from Configure Columns.

  1. Go to Top Advertisers within Advertiser Insights within Ad Intelligence.
  2. Click Configure Columns below the graph.
  3. From this view, Add All-Time Downloads from “Available Columns” to “Selected Columns.”
  4. Repeat Step 7 for Last 180 Days Downloads and Revenue Per Download and click Close.
  5. In the table, you will now be able to see an app’s current SOVPrior SOVGrowth, and Growth Percentage, as well as the newly added fields, All-Time Downloads, Last 180 Days Downloads, and Revenue Per Download.

Once you have set up your Custom Fields and Configure Columns, you can find leads for mobile ad campaigns. To find leads within the “Gaming” category from the Facebook advertising network, follow the steps below to find apps that have >$15.00 Revenue Per Download and >500k All-Time Downloads.

Note: You can change these Categories, Network, Revenue Per Download criteria, and Download number criteria at any time for different results.

  1. Go to Top Advertisers within Advertiser Insights and select the current week as the Date, “Games” as the Category, “US” as the Country, and “Facebook” as the Ad Network.
  2. Click on the All-Time Downloads option and select 500k-1M and 1M-10M, 10M-100M, 100-500M, and >500M.
  3. Next, click on the Revenue per Download option and select $15.00 - $20.00 and >$20.00.

The selected Custom Fields will filter the apps in Top Advertisers based on the selected criteria. In the table, you will now be able to see a gaming app’s current SOV, and change in SOV, as well as All-Time Downloads, Last 180 Days Downloads, and Revenue Per Download.

Note: For more in-depth analysis, you can click Download CSV to export the data from the table into an Excel sheet.


From this view, you can analyze which gaming apps are beginning to spend more on mobile ad campaigns by looking at the change in SOV from the previous timeframe and market towards those apps with the greatest change in SOV. This indicates which apps with high Revenue Per Download and 500k+ downloads are beginning ad campaigns on the selected network.

Mobile Advertising Campaign Alerts

Custom Alerts will let you know directly when an app has begun an ad campaign or increased their SOV. They also allow you to track specific apps so you can know when an app within your cohort is ready for you to reach out to them.

To track mobile advertising campaigns and spikes in SOV for a cohort of apps with a Custom Alert, follow the steps below.

Note: You can select up to any number of apps within a variety of categories/countries to track.

  1. Go to Top Advertisers within Advertiser Insights and click on the Bell Symbol 🔔 in the upper right corner next to your username.
  1. Click on the Add New Alert option under App Alerts on the Configure Custom Alerts page.

Note: If you have already created a custom alert, you may have to navigate to the Configure page

  1. On the Choose Type of Alert to Track page, type in a cohort of apps you’d like to track mobile ad campaigns for, such as Game of SultansBe The King and Rolling Sky, and click Next.

Note: Ensure App is selected at the top and choose your preferred Store

  1. On the Select, Metric to Use for Alert page, scroll down to the Advertisers section and select the Share of Voice option and click Next. 
  1. Select the country as “US” and enter a Lower Threshold of 5 and click Next.

Note: The Lower Threshold is the minimum SOV threshold to prevent notifications about apps that do not advertise a lot, you can enter any number or no number for this option

  1. On the next page, name your alert, make sure the email notification is toggled to On and connect your Slack account if you would like to receive direct notifications about changes in SOV to your Slack inbox. Then click Finish.


Once completed, this alert is triggered when the SOV for an app increases compared to its SOV over the last 15 days. You will be alerted when an app within your app cohort begins a mobile advertising campaign or experiences an increase in their current SOV. You can add any number of custom alerts and edit any of your custom alerts on the Configure Custom Alerts page.


Through the usage of Custom Alerts, you will be alerted directly to your email or Slack channel when an app within a cohort of apps increases spending on mobile advertising campaigns. Additionally, this is a great way to keep track of a list of apps and become alerted when they are increasing their SOV on competitor networks. This can indicate when an app is ready to be approached by another ad network since the app is increasing their spending on mobile ad campaigns on their current networks.

Please reach out to support@sensortower.com for any questions or further details. We hope you enjoy using the Sensor Tower platform!

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