Custom Alerts for Publishers

Setting up an Alert for Publishers

One of the ways you can set up Custom Alerts is by selecting specific publishers you are interested in being notified of. (You can also set up alerts for Apps, entire Categories, or Reports.) Similar to Custom Alerts for Apps, you can now set up alerts for publishers as a whole and all of their apps. By setting up alerts for specific Publishers, you can track entire publishers and any changes they make to their apps.

Publisher Alerts allow you to select just one publisher or a group of publishers to be notified on. Sensor Tower will enable you to track either iOS apps, Android apps, or both iOS and Android apps under publishers. There is no limit to how many publishers you'd like to track within one alert, so select as many as you want!

Example: Alert set for two publishers, Supercell and King for the App Store.

Once you have your publishers selected, you'll next choose the metric you are interested in tracking for these publishers. We track 55 different alert types, including when publisher's apps are updated, when a publisher's soft launches or worldwide launches a new app, and when a publisher has a spike in downloads. Additionally, you can select an action that allows you to determine what has to happen to this metric for you to be notified.

Example: An alert for when a new app is soft-launched.

The different action types change when and what you'll be notified on, and are as follows: 

(Some action types are not available for all metrics)

  • Report: Get a general report on the metric selected to just keep up to date on the metric.
  • Change: Get an alert when the metric changes in any way.
  • Increase: Get an alert when the metric has an increase.
  • Decrease: Get an alert when the metric has a decrease.
  • Spike: Get an alert when the metric increases by at least one standard deviation.
  • Plummet: Get an alert when the metric decreases by at least one standard deviation.
  • First Time: Get an alert when a metric hits a specific milestone

If any of these are confusing, there are example alerts to the right side of the metric and relevant action selector. You can get an idea of exactly what information will be provided after this alert is set. 

After selecting the metric and the action, you can now configure when you want to be alerted. Would you like to be notified every day? Maybe every week instead? Would you like to be notified when the downloads change by 10% or 50%? This section allows you to choose the amount the metric has to change for you to be notified and at what cadence.

Example: When there is a change in downloads by at least 25% and over at least 1000 downloads in the last day.

Once you've completely customized your alert, you can name it and decide how you want the alert to be sent to you or your teams. Here, you can select whether or not you want the alert sent directly to your email.

You cannot select someone else's email. They will have to set up their own alert.

If you'd like to send this alert to multiple people, you can also connect your Slack account to send alerts to any public or private slack channel of your choosing. This way, you can easily build one alert and share it with your entire team so they can also stay on top of your apps. 

Example: We've named our alert "New Soft Launched Apps for King and Supercell" and have it sent to both my personal email and our #sales Slack channel

And you're done! 🎉 You've now set up an alert and will be notified of any app change in the market. 

Why is this useful?

With this new alert power, you can easily keep tabs on your own app and your competitors without having to be ever vigilant. Setting up alerts will notify you of useful information and sift out those that aren't important to you. This allows you to save time searching and perform analysis faster. 

Some useful tactics

  • Track all of your competitors and get alerted when they release a new app into the market. 
  • Track soft-launched apps and see how well they are doing in soft-launch countries, and if you'll need to worry about the upcoming worldwide release.
  • Get a more holistic view of entire publishers and their downloads. Track all publisher apps at once to ensure you're staying ahead of your competitors across all their apps. 
  • Track your competitors to see if any of their apps are making it into the weekly Top Apps. Keep a watchful eye on their most popular apps and games.

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