Custom and Global Fields

Group and filter apps in ways that enable you to answer your specific questions

Global Fields

Global fields are similar to custom fields but do not require manual creation and setup. Global fields are automatically created and updated by Sensor Tower — all you need to do is turn them on.

A selection of global fields is turned on by default for all users while others must be turned on by you or your account administrator. These can then be seen and used in the Store IntelligenceAd Intelligence, and Usage Intelligence, similar to built-in filters like Device, Country, and Category.

Global fields can be distinguished from custom fields by a green border to their left. All global fields are updated daily.

As global and custom fields can take up a lot of screen real estate you will only see a small selection of those you have switched on by default. You can toggle the display of all fields with the Display All Fields button.


Manage field visibility

To manage the visibility of global or custom fields for yourself (or for your organization if you are an administrator), navigate to the Custom Fields page of your organization's Manage Organization module.

You can also reach this page via the Manage Fields shortcut button in Store IntelligenceAd Intelligence, and Usage Intelligence.


  • (Admin only) Organization Visibility: Organization administrators will see an extra column on the far left. This column is used to control default visibility of all fields for all users in the organization.
  • User Visibility: Sets your individual user preference for visibility of any given field. All those marked visible will appear in the user interface when Display All Fields is toggled on. 
  • Field Scope: Indicates whether a particular field is global or custom. 
  • Apps: Indicates how many apps are currently tagged by that field.
  • Field Name: Indicates the name of the field as it will be displayed in the user interface.
  • Tags: Lists the different tags that this particular field contains.
  • Expand: Lists the tag values of a given field as well as the number of apps tagged as such.

Control a field's visibility across your organization

When an organization administrator toggles a field's Organization Visibility setting to on for a particular field, that action will also turn the User Visibility setting on for every user that currently exists in their organization.

Thereafter, individual users can select their personal preference for visibility via User Visibility toggles.

If an admin turns a field's Organization Visibility to off, this will not affect the User Visibility settings for existing users but will affect new users.


For convenience, there are also Select All and Clear All toggles for both admins and regular users.

Field counters

The number to the right of each field represents the total number of apps that have been tagged with that field. Similarly, each individual tag of any given field also indicates how many apps have been tagged as such. 


Sort field tags

All fields have tag sorting supported to help with the selection of apps. 

Sort By Count will sort each field's list of tags by the individual count shown to the right of each tag from most-apps-tagged to least-apps-tagged. This is the default sort.

Sort Ascending will sort each field's list of tags in alphabetical order. Sort Descending will sort each field's list of tags in reverse alphabetical order.


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