Global Fields

Global Fields are related to Custom Fields but do not require manual creation and setup. Global Fields are automatically created and updated by Sensor Tower - all you need to do is turn on their display. Green borders indicate a Global Field.

selection of Global Fields is turned on by default for all users while others must be turned on by you or your account administrator. These can then be seen and used in the Store IntelligenceAd Intelligence, and Usage Intelligence, similar to built-in Filters like Device, Country, and Category.


Managing Visibility

To manage the visibility of Global or Custom Fields for yourself (or for your organization if you are an admin), navigate to the Custom Fields page of your organization's Manage Organization Module. You can also reach this page via the Manage Fields shortcut button in Store IntelligenceAd Intelligence, and Usage Intelligence.

Once selected, you should see the Custom Fields menu shown:


You should see a page similar to this view:


The terms under Field Visibility are defined below:

  • Organization Visibility: (admins only) Your organization's administrator will see an extra column on the far left called "Organization Visibility."  This column is used to control default visibility of all Fields for all users in the organization (more details on this feature below).
  • User Visibility: Sets your individual user preference for visibility of both custom and global fields. 
  • Scope: Indicates whether a particular field is Global or Custom. 
  • Apps: Indicates how many apps are currently categorized as belonging to a specific Field
  • Field Name: Indicates the name of the Global or Custom field as it will be displayed in the Top and Trending Module of Store Intelligence.
  • Tag Values: Lists the different values that this particular Field can take on
  • Expand: Provides additional details about how the number of apps that are currently tagged with each known value from the Tag Values column

Please note that the pages within the platform will only display 7 Fields by default, regardless of your visibility settings in this module.  

Read below for more information on how to expand display from within Store Intelligence to more than 5 fields.

Additionally, if a Custom Field doesn't have any apps in it, that Field will NOT be displayed in the Top and Trending Module, even if you marked it as Visible in the Manage Account section.

Understanding Admin Controls for Global Fields

When an organization administrator turns a field's Organization Visibility setting to on for a particular Field, that action will also turn the My Visibility setting on for every user account that is currently registered as part of their organization. Thereafter, individual users can select their personal preference for visibility via the My Visibility column shown above. The reverse action, of an admin turning the company Organization Visibility to off, does not affect the My Visibility settings for existing users (it will affect new users).


For convenience, there are also Select All and Select None toggles at the bottom of the custom tags screen for Admins and Users.

Recognizing Global Fields

When you navigate through our Store IntelligenceAd Intelligence, and Usage Intelligence platforms, you will notice that any visible Global Fields, such as Is a Game, will be shown with green borders as shown below:


Custom Fields, by contrast, are not shown with a green border: 


Field Counters

The numeric count you see to the right of each Field (Custom or Global) represents the total number of apps that fit these specific criteria. Next to each option within these fields is the number of apps within each selection criteria. 


Please note that not all apps will fit the rank criteria well enough to be displayed in the chart within our different platforms. For instance, within Top Apps in Store Intelligence, only apps that meet the criteria within the top 10,000 apps will be shown.

Managing Field Display in Top and Trending

You can display more than 7 fields and change the sorting within each field's drop-down menu by using the Display All Fields button shown below:


This menu will display all Fields for which you have enabled visibility in the Account Management page, as described above. Please note that if you do not have visibility enabled for any Fields, the Display All Fields button shown above will have no effect.

Sorting Field Listings in Top and Trending

All Global Fields have sorting supported. Each Field dropdown list can be sorted to help with the selection of items. 


Sort by Count will sort each list by the individual count shown to the right of each Field value: 


Sort A-Z will sort each list by the Field value title in alpha order. Sort Z-A will sort each list by the Field value title in reverse alpha-order:

All Global Fields are updated daily. 

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