Custom Fields for a Single App

Sensor Tower's Custom Fields surface the cohort of top apps and top publishers you are most interested in. View mobile games currently in soft launch, apps released in the past three months, publishers that surpassed one million downloads in the last 30 days, and more. You can also create your custom fields and enhance your analyses to be more meaningful to your organization. With our Custom Fields feature, you can create your Custom Fields to "Tag" any app in the app store with a custom field to categorize it further. 


For example, you could tag every competitor app with a custom field that states this app is a "Competitor." Once created, you can filter any of Sensor Tower's graphs with this new "Competitor" Custom Tag, and it will only display these competitor apps. 


Custom Fields are available across Store Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, and Usage Intelligence products; however, you can individually change an app's Custom Field's within App Intelligence. Any Custom Fields you create will be visible by all individuals who have been associated with your organization by your Sensor Tower CSM.


Editing Custom Fields for One App at a Time

You can view all of an app's Custom Fields and how it is tagged within each of those custom fields within the Overview section of App Profiles in App Intelligence. The first module under the app name is called Sensor Tower Custom Fields, which is where you can see how the app is tagged for each Custom Field. To edit these tags, or add any tags to this app, click the Edit/Add Fields link in the right corner of the module.




This button will open the Custom Fields list for this specific app. Here you can edit or add any tag value to the app. Once added, click Save, and then anytime you try to use this Custom Field in the future, this app will now appear when its tag is selected. 




You can also create new fields off to the right of this module in the Create New Field section. Here you can add a new Custom Field and tag this app as the first app within the new field.


Note: If you'd like to upload a large number of apps at the same time, please use our CSV Method.

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