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Track your App Store, Google Play and Firebase analytics in an easy-to-use interface

Connect your Firebase Developer credentials

Sensor Tower’s App Intelligence product also allows you to connect your Firebase account to the platform so that you can import your sales and usage metrics for analysis. This way you can track analytics both for iOS and Android in a very easy-to-use interface.

Follow the steps below to connect your Firebase Account:

  1. When signed-in to, click on your Account Name in the top-right corner, and then click on Credentials.
  2. Click Add Credentials.
  3. On the Connect Your Accounts modal, click Add Firebase Account.
  4. If you accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, check the relevant box.
  5. Click Sign in with Google.
  6. Select the desired Google account and proceed through the Google authentication process.

    View access on both Google Analytics and Firebase is required for the connecting email. If you do not have these permissions enabled, please refer to our Troubleshooting section below.

  7. You should return to the Sensor Tower modal and see that you have successfully added credentials for your app.


Creating a user in Google Analytics

  1. As an Admin or Owner, navigate to the Google Analytics Dashboard
  2. Click the Admin cog in the bottom left of the side navigation
  3. Under the Property Section, click Property Access Management Google_Analytics.jpeg
  4. Click the plus at the top right and select Add Users
  5. Enter the new user’s email address and give them at least Viewer level permissions Add_Roles_and_Data_Restrictions.jpeg

Creating a user in Firebase

  1. As an Admin or Owner, navigate to the Firebase Dashboard and select the project you wish to connect.
  2. Click the cog icon adjacent to Project Overview in the side navigation and select Users and permissions. Project_Settings.jpeg
  3. At the top of the user list, click the blue Add Member button.
  4. Enter the new user’s email address and give them at least Viewer level permissions. Project_Settings_Users_and_Permissions.jpeg

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