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Advertising on the right apps can ensure you can spend your ad budget more efficiently and market to the correct audience. With Sensor Tower’s Ad Intelligence and Usage Intelligence products, you can nurture potential users to download your app by increasing the visibility of your creatives for a targeted cohort of users

Use Creative Gallery from Ad Intelligence to identify the top publishers of specific creatives from your app. From there, you can search these top publishers on App Overlap to find other apps that your users would most likely use. As a result, you can gain insight into the right apps to advertise in that you may not have thought of initially.

Note: For the context of this article, the term publisher is defined as the app that monetizes off of showing ads. 


Finding Related Apps

In order to find these apps, let’s first take a look at how to see who’s showing your creatives by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Creative Gallery in Ad Intelligence.

  2. Select the specific date range for the creatives you would like to check. This date range can be more focused on a single, more recent campaign or past campaigns.

  3. After, select the CountryNetwork, and Type of Creatives.

  4. Enter the name of your app in the search bar. The results will only include creatives from your app specifically. However, this can be done for your competitors too.

Note: You can also filter the Impressions tab from high to low by clicking the carrot figure on the right-hand side. By doing this, you sort the list of creatives from most to least impressions within the set parameters.

  1. Scroll down to the zoomed-in view of the creatives. An example of this can be seen in the screenshot below.

  2. Go to the Top Publishers section in the bottom left-hand corner of each card. This is where you will see a list of apps and their Share of Voice (SoV)This SoV is the percentage of how much this specific ad has been seen on each one of these apps.



  1. Copy either the App Name or the App ID of the Top Publisher, so you can refer to it when we go into App Overlap. You can repeat this step for the other publishers on the list, but for this example, I’ll focus on grabbing the top one - Billionaire Capitalist Tyco.

Note: You can click on the icon to get the App ID for the app in App Overview in App Intelligence. This can be found in the URL as shown below.


Since you now have a top publisher of a specific creative, you can use this app in Usage Intelligence’s App Overlap feature to see apps that your market audience is most likely using.

Follow the steps below to obtain a list of apps your potential leads are also using:

  1. Navigate to App Overlap in Usage Intelligence.

  2. Paste the App ID of the Top Publisher from Creative Gallery into the search bar.

  3. Switch the toggle on the upper, right-hand side of the screen Users of on the right-hand side from Other Apps to My App.

Note: “Other Apps” shows apps whose users are more likely to use the selected app. “My App” shows apps that users of the selected app are more likely to use.

      4. With this list of apps, you can now see what other types of apps your new users are most likely to be using. You can use this list to find many apps to advertise in.



Looking into these apps, you will have a better sense of who your users are and what interests them. Not only does it help when building your personas for potential users of your app, but it also allows you to create retargeting campaigns to nurture those leads that may be hesitant in downloading your app.

Note: The Ad and Usage Intelligence products are only available to Enterprise accounts. Please contact your Strategy Consultant or Customer Success Manager to see if your account has access.


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