Advanced ASO strategies

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Localizing your Keywords

Once you understand how your users are divided between countries, you’ll want to start localizing your Title, description, screenshots, and most importantly Keywords. Title, description, and screenshots will help those international users know what your app is and what it does, but localizing our keywords will help get your app to the top search results so they’ll see your app. This is where Sensor Tower’s Keyword Translation tool comes into play.

keyword_translation.pngWith Keyword Translation, you’ll be able to type in any of your keywords and the tools will translate the keywords into the top 22 languages of the world. You may then view and use these translations in your keyword string for each separate country. You can start tracking and viewing these translated keywords to view their own traffic and difficulty scores to see if they are still worth using.

Keyword Translation also provides the new character count for the newly translated keywords. In the image above, we can see that the Keyword’s Tower, Bike, and Fun take 14 out of 100 characters while the French translation takes 28 out of 100 characters. Since these French keywords take twice as many characters as their English counterparts, you may want to consider using slightly different keywords, since we aren’t getting nearly as much value out of each character if we were to use these French translations.

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