Advanced ASO strategies

Discover best practices on how to use Sensor Tower to drive new users to your platform

How to Find New Keywords

In our App Intelligence platform, use Keyword Rankings to track how well your app is ranking for a specific Keyword. Once you track a specific Keyword you can view it’s TrafficDifficultyNumber of Apps, and Rank. You’ll want to pick your Keywords off of a combination of data from each of these metrics.

  • The Traffic score (out of 10) determines how often this specific Keyword searches within the App Store. A higher Traffic score means more people are searching this term and more people will see the apps ranking for this Keyword.
  • The Difficulty score (out of 10) determines how hard it is for an app to reach the Top 10 for this Keyword. A lower difficulty score means it will be easier to rank in the Top 10 when this Keyword is searched
  • The Number of Apps or (iPhone Apps) determines the number of apps in the App Store that arise when this Keyword is searched for.
  • The Rank determines what position your app currently ranks for the selected Keyword. You’ll want to get this as low as possible and get your app to the Top 10 to get the most amount of downloads.

Discovering New Keywords

Sensor Tower Best Practices are to find and choose your new keywords based on these metrics, in this order:

1.  Relevance: The most important criteria when choosing keywords. Even if your app reaches the Top 10 for a keyword, if it isn’t relevant to what the user is looking for, they will not download the app.

2.  Traffic: Higher Traffic gets your app higher visibility and more audience. If you are deciding between two keywords with similar relevance and difficulty scores, take Traffic into account and choose the keyword with higher traffic.

3. Difficulty: It doesn’t matter if there are a million searches a day for a keyword if you rank #512 for that keyword. It is important to note that keywords with higher Difficulty Scores generally have more traffic, but since commonly searched keywords are the most desirable, they will be targeted much more often.

Sensor Tower tracks thousands of Keywords and has live updates every five minutes for every single one. So, which of these thousands do you choose? 

Sensor Tower provides multiple different features to help you decide on which keywords you should be using and which Keywords you should be tracking. Some of the most useful are Keyword Suggestion, Research, and Spy.

  • Keyword Suggestion: This feature can help you identify the most valuable and relevant keywords or phrases to use.
    • Just track a few keywords that relate to your app and using the Keyword Suggest feature, click Suggest Keywords. This will provide you with a list of potential keywords based on your current Keywords, that you can add to your app.
    • The Suggested Keywords have the Traffic, Difficulty, and all other metrics you need to determine which are the best to use.
    • These suggestions are constantly changing as you update your app so check it often.
    • Check Advanced Settings and adjust weights of Your Seed Keywords allow you to get more relevant keyword suggestions.  


  • Keyword ResearchTest the potential effectiveness of keywords with the Predictive Keyword Rank feature within Keyword Research. This Predictive Keyword Rank can evaluate the likelihood that your app will rank in the top 10 results for a given keyword.
  • Keyword Spy: Spy in on your competitor's Keywords! With Keyword Spy you can track what your competitors are using as Keywords and either use them yourself and try to beat them out of the top rank or find similar keywords to work around your competitors. You can see what your competitor’s rank for specific keywords and compare them to your own.
  • Keyword Downloads: Discover which terms are driving your competitor's downloads and find suggestions for keywords you are not tracking yet that are driving downloads. 


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