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Making Your Own Dashboard Template

Sensor Tower’s Customizable Dashboards feature provides a quick and easy way to view overall app markets by showcasing multiple graphs & charts side by side. When creating a new dashboard, we provide existing dashboard templates for you to choose from, such as those dedicated to Product Management, Lead Generation, and ASO. However, you may also build your own custom dashboard templates to share with your organization. Your team members can then copy and modify your dashboard template according to their needs.


Creating A Dashboard Template

Creating a dashboard template is very similar to making your own dashboard. In fact, the process is the exact same; the only difference is that you should keep in mind which charts your organization would find most useful in order to minimize editing.

Note: Customizable Dashboard and Dashboard Templates are only available to enterprise users.


To create a dashboard template:

  • Navigate to the top right corner of the page, and click the Dashboards icon . A dropdown menu should pop-up; select the green ‘New Dashboard’ button 


  • In the New Dashboard Window, select 'Blank Dashboard'


  • Afterwards, select the appropriate chart(s) you feel your organization would utilize the most for your template
    Note: You’ll be able to add more charts later; just select one for now


  • After you added the first chart to your dashboard, you can click on the green ‘New Chart’ button to add additional charts


  • By making your own dashboard template, you can enable users within your organization to easily add, subtract, or modify existing charts or graphs to their liking instead of having them make their own dashboard from scratch. This is especially useful in scenarios where your organization is monitoring specific trends or tracking multiple apps at a time.


Sharing Your Dashboard Template

After you’ve made a dashboard template, you can share it within users of your organization for them to view, or modify according to their preferences.


To share your dashboard template within your organization:

  • On the dashboard view, click on the pencil icon next to the dashboard title
  • In the ‘Edit Dashboard’ pop-up window, select the ‘Share with your organization’ option and press ‘Save Dashboard


  • After this option is toggled, all users within your organization can view the dashboard template you just made. You can see which dashboards are shared by reading the tooltip that appears when you hover over it.


  • When users in your organization view the dashboard template you made, they can click the ‘Copy Dashboard’ button to copy it into their own dashboard, where they can freely make any modifications to it.


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