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Using Review Analysis to Understand Your Userbase

Sensor Tower’s Review Analysis feature can be used to provide meaningful insights into your userbase by diving deeply into user feedback to analyze issues and requests. It can be correlated with different types of metrics to understand patterns and trends. By using Review Analysis in conjunction with Review History and App Update Timeline, you can better understand what your customers like and dislike about each app version. With this newfound knowledge, you can improve on specific features, updates, and more.


Review Activity Based on App Version

With Review Analysis, you can see a chart near the top that shows the number of daily reviews as well as an indicator for every version update - as denoted by the + symbol at the bottom. If you notice many users are writing positive reviews after a selected app version, then you can generally conclude that the app version has been well-received by your userbase. Information about version updates can also be found in the App Update Timeline. You can then use these version updates to filter user reviews in the Review History feature.

To understand review activity for specific app versions:

  1. Navigate to App Intelligence and click on Review Analysis under App Profiles.
  2. Locate the review chart at the top and specify a date range.
  3. Take note of the version update dates, as indicated by the symbol, and click it. This will take you directly to the App Update Timeline.

In the App Update Timeline, you can track the most important updates to any app, including changes to its name, description, version, price, icon, screenshots, file size, and more. You can use this information to correlate them with user reviews.

          4. Find the corresponding app version to the selected date. Enter Review History and filter the reviews by the selected app version. The version filter feature is only available for iOS apps.

Here, you can gain a deeper sense of understanding as to why certain time periods or app versions have higher review activity than others. By using Review Analysis in conjunction with Review History and App Update Timeline, you can see what your users liked or didn’t like about each app version on a day-to-day basis.


Finding Correlations Between Reviews and Downloads / Revenue

With Review Analysis, you may also find interesting correlations to downloads and revenue from our Store Intelligence platform. For example, the release of an app update could cause either a spike or a drop in the number of downloads or revenue. The following steps will show you how to recognize and understand these anomalies.

  1. From the Review Analysis, take note of the app version release date.
  2. In Store Intelligence, navigate to App Analysis > App and input your selected app in the search field.
  3. Adjust the Date range accordingly and decide whether you want the graph to display Downloads or Revenue.
  4. Observe trends between the graph from Review Analysis vs. the graph from App Analysis.



Note: You can overlay these graphs in one view by using Customizable Dashboards, for your convenience.


In this top-down visual comparison, you can see correlations in revenue from the App Analysis graph in relation to the Reviews Breakdown graph. These trends can provide valuable insights into your user base, specifically the feedback they’re providing through reviews.

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