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Following and Responding to Negative Reviews

With Sensor Tower’s Customer Alerts feature, you can receive automated emails or Slack notifications when there is a spike in negative reviews and ratings for your app. These alerts will help you keep track of user sentiments and give you insight into any high volume product requests or bug fixes. Use this to quickly respond to negative reviews and ensure your users are fully satisfied.

With this help document, you’ll learn how to utilize our Custom Alerts feature to respond quickly to a spike in negative reviews and/or ratings from our Reviews History feature. Then, incorporate further analyses with these alerts using the Review Analysis feature.

Setting Up Custom Alerts 

In Dashboard and Alerts, you can manage all your customized settings for your account. These custom alerts could be integrated will a Slack channel to expedite collaboration efforts with your team. With this data, you can easily and quickly respond to negative sentiments in a timely manner.

To make a custom alert for “Clash of Clans,” follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Custom Alerts within Dashboards and Alerts.
  2. Click on Configure to make a new alert.
  3. Click on Add New Alert under App Alerts.
  4. Enter the app name, “Clash of Clans,” and click Next. (You can use alerts for competitor apps as well)
  5. Enter Negative Reviews as the Alert Type.
  6. Choose Spike in the dropdown menu above the example alert as your Action.
  7. Enter a number for the lower threshold to trigger the alert. The lower threshold will determine how many negative reviews will be needed to trigger an alert
  8. Name your alert and integrate it into your email or Slack channel.



You will now be notified when there is a spike in negative reviews in an automated report to either your email or Slack channel. In this example, Clash of Clans will now be able to get a report if or when they get a spike in negative reviews due to either a bug, a new feature, an app update, etc. After getting this alert, we recommend using the Review Analysis feature in App Intelligence to gain better insights on those reviews in the report.


Using Review Analysis with Custom Alerts 

With Review Analysis in App Intelligence, you can look into the negative reviews further by date, country, rating, and searchable terms. In the “Terms” column, you can identify your user’s biggest pain points and export the reviews as a CSV file.



In the “Tags” column, we have integrated a natural language processor to group reviews with similar themes like “Feature Requests” or “Bugs.” Using Review Analysis in conjunction with Custom Alerts would help prioritize bugs within your app or product requests.

Note: Review Analysis is only available to our Enterprise App Intelligence users.


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