App Teardown

Dive deep into the code of the industry’s most successful developers to identify the technologies that are most effective for monetization, development and engagement

Intro to App Teardown

App Teardown is Sensor Tower’s fifth Enterprise product. Sensor Tower products traditionally generate insights and data focused around business-relevant signals and app metadata. App Teardown is different. It takes the actual app binaries published on the App Store and Google Play and performs a sophisticated analysis of codebases to generate a new class of mobile insights.

The initial set of features launched with App Teardown are called SDK Insights. These features can detect the presence of various SDKs inside selected apps. SDKs are commonly used by developers to enable services provided by a vendor or third party. For example, an ad network might provide an SDK to easily allow developers to integrate that network’s ads into their mobile apps. Or an app developer might want to use an existing analytics service, or payment processor, or user authentication solution. Sensor Tower groups SDKs into eight SDK Types based on their primary functionality:

  • Advertising
  • Analytics
  • Attribution
  • Authentication
  • Customer Engagement
  • Developer Tools
  • Frameworks
  • Payment

The are two primary views for SDK Insights are: 

  • SDK Detection: Evaluate exactly which SDKs specific apps are using.
  • Top SDKs: Measure SDK adoption across app storefronts, categories, and other market segments.

SDKs are also available as Global Fields to leverage SDK data across other Sensor Tower products. If you have an Enterprise App Teardown subscription, you can use SDK Global Fields in any Top Apps view, in Store Intelligence, Usage Intelligence, or Top Advertisers and Top Publishers in Ad Intelligence. You can apply Global fields as a filter or as a custom column. If you apply SDK Global Fields as a custom column, it’s accessible in the TEARDOWN section of the Custom Columns configuration modal.




Using Global Fields, you could look at Top Apps by DAUs that have the Facebook SDK. Or you could look at Top Advertisers that have the AdMob SDK but don’t have the Unity Ads SDK. Or you could look at the Top Apps by Revenue and show which of those apps have Amplitude and which have Firebase, and export that data in a .csv or through our API.



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