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Time of Day

This module is currently only available for apps in the Google Play Store.

Sensor Tower’s Consumer Intelligence product gives subscribers direct access to Sensor Tower’s proprietary panel of mobile users in order to better understand consumer behavior and changing use patterns on the world’s most popular mobile apps. Consumer Intelligence’s Time of Day dives into these usage patterns by looking at what hours of the day users are opening a specific app.

What is Time of Day?

Time of Day focuses on when users use specific apps within a given day. The Time of Day graph is broken into the 24 hours of the day and: 

Time of Day is the percent of an app’s users who start an active session in a specific hour across a 24 hour day.


Time of Day allows you to understand exactly when users are starting to use your app. When comparing with competitors you can see if these apps are being used around the same time or if your app is hitting a different demographic of users that like to use the app at a different time. 

  • These active sessions are captured in the users localized time.
  • This data capture session start time and will be attributed to a single hour if the start time is between the start of the hour and the last second of the hour
    • For Example, Any session starting between 8:00:00AM and 8:59:59AM will be attributed to the 8:00 AM hour.

Time of Day thresholds

  • Time of Day currently only offers All-time granularity
  • Time of Day is available for Worldwide, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and US data
  • You can select up to 5 apps to compare across.
  • App Coverage: Same as Engagement Insights (some differences)

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